With Life: Love

Life, this moment of our here and now,
This place of all we ever are,
The time we share in this our touch of present near and far.
With peace revere this treasured place of sudden sound and light,
As once we play upon this earth with all that is with love unite.

Three WEBSITES With Love For Our World

Enjoy ideas, art, and music that celebrates the earth and living things...

A declaration that describes life, its entitlements, and the conduct of those who have most influence over its care.

Enjoy music, art, and poetry with an emphasis on nature, living things, and conservation.

Visit Sky and loud

Stunning photographs of skies and clouds that remind us of the value of our world and place in it.

The Sun Shines

how the sun and moon save the earth

A Free Picture Book For Children And Adults Everywhere!

A non-threatening and positive tale about the environment and renewable energy that can be enjoyed by all ages.

PDF eBook 25 MB


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